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About RushNet

Rushnet has historical ties to the beverage industry. This will be a focus with the development of its
trademarked “Knockout Punch TM” products line, as well as Ewater and Awater. Rushnet will also develop
and manufacture products from the underserved areas and sectors of CBD production. While CBD is the
cash cow of the future, and will be one major component of at least one of Knockout Punch TM ’s three
beverage lines, hemp byproducts of the production process will be the focus of RushNet’s future,
benefitting from what is so often discarded in the production of CBD gold. Huzy is a an example. Hemp
shorts with a Velcro attachment to the rear pocket, which is removed and used as a cuzy, utilizing the
insulation capabilities and comfort of the clothing created by the byproducts of CBD production.
RushNet will also own CBD production facilities as part of its joint venture..

With control of cultivation to customer, from growth to consumption, our unique and secure business model is poised for great things.  Quality, high standards and unique products can only come from the best sources of soil, water and seed.


Part owners of huge aquifer reserves of pure mineral water


Developers of pure, organic CBD


The expensive byproducts of full spectrum hemp production is a new frontier, and we are on the cutting edge of product development with these extremely optimistic products.  We have formulated an experienced team of scientists, physicians and organic growers.


Radically new products with inflammation targeted focus orchestrated by engineers, scientists and physicians.


To be announced soon, big names, big products.  Big growth and excitement.

Be a part of a huge new industry!

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